Musings of a New Yorker

It has now been a week since my move to the Big Apple. It’s exciting; adventurous; scary; overwhelming. Having said that, this is the best experience of my life. Studying at a new college is crazy different – the teaching structure is different, academics are different and general classroom etiquette is nothing like back in England; it’s refreshing!

So far in the first week, I have experienced a definite form of culture shock. Where are the Heinz beans and Nestle KitKats? Little things like that really make you miss the everyday essentials from home. Sounds ridiculous I know but you never consider it until you are in that situation.
Even getting used to the different accent and ways of speech is hard to come to terms with! “See you around” does not actually mean what you think. 9 times out of 10 I have responded with: “Yeah sure! When?” only to receive a very confused expression since they said it to be polite!

I have been asked by plenty of people if this is an experience that I would encourage others to do….YES! 100% YES! Everyone should do this! i have learnt to get myself around the city, got used to living in my own apartment in Upper West Side and managed to (i think) fit in and be accepted at my new college. I have gained independence. Confidence. Further developed everyday life skills. Obviously it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I had never gone ahead with this endeavour but I feel more alive!

I would also like to mention, whilst on the subject of change, that I have decided to adopt a healthier, more active, lifestyle. Yes that’s right guys! I now go to the gym on a regular basis and have totally changed my eating plans – so look out for my ‘health’ aspects to my blog! Should be different and exciting!

Speak soon !